[Canada Immigration] Who said immigration is hard in such small province like New Brunswick through business field? (Case review of Murphy Client)

[Canada Immigration] Who said immigration is hard in such small province like New Brunswick through business field? (Case review of Murphy Client)

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This is Murphy Consulting.


Murphy has been hearing a lot of news on Permanent Residency approval from our dear clients. 

Since we are the only agency that has the ability to handle all types of immigration programs, 

there has been a numerous numbers of approval case from all around Canada.


Clients with diverse nationalities increased for permanent residency (Sponsorship, Provincial Nominee Program and so on…) 

and a lot of potential clients from all around the world, especially from south-east Asian countries such as China, Thailand, and Vietnam are contacting Murphy for help.


Consulting and communicating with English is available so a lot of clients are pleased 

with the delicate and detailed method of consulting or the procedure of the whole program.


Since a lot of our foreign clients are interested in varieties of immigration programs, majority of them gives bold attempt to study abroad or try various permanent residency program. Therefore, it is clear that they wish to know more about the cases and the whole procedure.




Even in Korea, the time when most of the client’s preference towards the big city has changed. 

A lot of people are now looking for the medium-small cities as well.


To be frank, a lot of immigration agencies tend to be an expert only for the specific province such as 

British Columbia and Ontario. But as for Murphy, we are the rarest agency capable of handling all provinces and cities.


Most of the clients are uncertain about moving to the medium-small cities because they have only seen few cases and information about immigration.


That is why majority of potential clients contacts us with a suspicion and questions us about whether we have the ability to handle the rare case.


BUT, for 20 years being in the business a lot of our clients settled down to unexpected cities and we do have abundant amount of cases with us.


So on, Murphy could proudly say that we are the expert of the immigration case for rare provinces like 

Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island as well.


Today, Murphy would like to introduce the most recent case on 

New Brunswick for our oversea clients who started from international student to immigration.




Recently, a lot of potential clients has been showing interest about NBEE and immigration for international students.


Though the interest began with AIP, most of the AIP interest candidates are preferring Halifax, NS more and 

most of the clients would know about New Brunswick and change the route to international student to immigration.


Also, as a lot of Koreans and foreigners are gathered within Halifax, NS, so a lot of people would arrive to New Brunswick to avoid the case.


So, we could surely say that New Brunswick is pure area for immigration.



Our dear Murphy client chose New Brunswick in the first place to plan the immigration and 

the reason for choosing this specific location was because of relatively low tuition fee and living expenses.

S/He has seen the advantage of applying the permanent residency within New Brunswick.


Moncton is the most well-known city in New Brunswick.

It is smaller than Halifax, NS, and it is located just in the corner of New Brunswick 

which gives an unfamiliar sense of lacking in infrastructure, resulting in becoming less preferable place to immigrate.


However, as small city it is, the locals are kind and with high ratio of white people, 

using both English and French, a lot of people wish to move to Moncton for their children’s education, attracted by these facts.


Also, many people love the area because there are only few Koreans and immigrants living there.







Our client also highly spoke about these reasons and satisfied with his/her choice on choosing the quiet and warm New Brunswick.


Murphy client prepared the immigration from being an international student and attended the New Brunswick Community College (NBCC), 

which is the representative public college in New Brunswick. 

Since his/her child was very young, the main applicant (Murphy’s client) had to start form the rock bottom by studying as an international student.


A lot of people who consults with us shows interest in immigrating to Atlantic region in the first place 

so they would choose for relatively easy-going program to have less burden in studying.


However, our client chose the business program, which not a common choice for people who aim for Atlantic region.


This client did not wish to plan the obvious but aimed for short period of studying and be more economic and 

effective in a sense of obtaining permanent residency and get a promising job in order to adapt to the Canadian society.


A lot of people tend to avoid the business program because of high English requirement and difficulty of getting a job. 

And also, it is a common misunderstanding that there might not be enough job for everyone, so most people avoid the business program.


However, by looking at the case of our client, it is possible to get a job with business diploma and even apply for the permanent residency.


It’s not only the young people and fluent English speakers that gets job with a business diploma 

but majority of them would give their best effort to study and get a job, which leads them to be more than qualified to apply for permanent residency.


Therefore, what we would like to stress is that it is important to plan out the realistic options for international student to immigration route

such as considering about building up the career after obtaining permanent residency, rather than giving up early.




Murphy’s client was able to apply for permanent residency right after getting employed as full-time worker, 

without needing to fill out the minimum work experience because s/he began as international student in New Brunswick.


Though it was an international student route, the pass mark for the Provincial Nominee Program for New Brunswick was 60 

so,we would highly recommend the potential candidates to obtain their English test results to meet the requirements.


Now we would like to show the timeline of the permanent residency of our client.


Please refer to the following chart.



Mar. 2022 - Contract with Murphy


Document preparation



Jul.  2022 - NBPNP apply


Sep. 2022 - Nominee received

Oct. 2022- Per.Res. apply


Dec. 2022 - AOR received and biometric collection letter received. (Last step)


Mar. 23 - Per. Res. Final approval! PERMANENT RESIDENT



It was just last March when the final approval was made

And it was also a pleasure for us to give out the good news to the client.


                                                      NB연방 소식.JPG 

It took about 8 months in total

and we could proudly say that this case was closed quicker than expected. 

And we would also like to congratulate our client again for getting the approval.


The recent trend with the permanent residency is that, despite the quick nominee from the provincial nominee program, 

the final approval was taking long after applying for permanent residency so a lot of people would be tired at this stage.


In addition, some province takes 4-5 months and with covid-19 effecting the immigration programs, 

it was hard to give out the expected approval date.


But to see quick and smooth cases like this, makes us happy and satisfied.


By introducing this case today, the message we wanted to send is that it is possible to obtain permanent residency 

as an international student and as a foreign worker even in the smallest provincial area in Canada.


Murphy is aware that a lot of candidates are worried 

because there are not a lot agencies with abundant amount of immigration cases for small provincial areas 

such as New Brunswick so even if they want to request for permanent residency procedure it would be hard.


There are a lot of clients from Murphy still residing in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island 

so we could confidently introduce all sorts of cases to our potential clients.


We strongly suggest that all our potential clients should consult with an immigration expert 

and Murphy can safely guide all the potential clients from the beginning.






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