Post COVID-19, GRAB THE CHANCE-in the area of Canadian college’s focus Ep.1
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Post COVID-19, GRAB THE CHANCE-in the area of Canadian college’s focus Ep.1

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Hi everyone,

This is Murphy


COVID-19 has changed our lives in many ways, It also changed the area of studying abroad and immigration dramatically.

In fact, worldwide is experiencing huge modification.

Do not want to mention but we are adapting to this irregular environment: wearing masks, preparing QR code and proving whereabouts.

Finally, we have adjusted to the era of real contactless

These situations have changed the worldwide promising industries, under the circumstances of possibilities that another virus could arise. So we can assume that these kinds of investigation will never stop.




Following this movement,

Canadian colleges are establishing new future-oriented majors that could help the nation directly.


Previously we have informed you the prospect of Canada based on your needs,

However, Murphy thinks it’s time to tell you that you have to become a person

who fits the needs of Canada.



We would like to introduce some majors that could be very helpful to be a person 

who fits the need of Canada, and furthermore, worldwide.


First, we would like to introduce a major that

some of you are already interested on before COVID-19


Since admission requirements are strict and study is quite difficult compared to other typical majors 

(such as baking, cook and ECE program which most student prefer to),

so many people can not decide to enter easily.


Recently, some got accepted to the college and have already graduated,

some are working in a place related to this major.


In fact, many experienced workers keep in mind about this major. 

It is also getting popular to the student and their parents who are planning to study abroad in Canada.

This major is rising as a vaccination and medicine of COVID-19 and cannot be told without food, medical science and agriculture: 

Chemical Laboratory Technician and Biotechnology Technician




We can say that before COVID-19, 

international students were not very interested in Chemical Laboratory Technician and Biotechnology Technician. 

Only people who have experienced about these fields beforehand, or who have already studied the related studies could select these fields easily.


However, after COVID-19, demand and interest for these majors has increased.

We all know that we must focus on majors that Canadian colleges are increasing or have newly established. 

It is because we can understand the needs of job market easily

since college is straightly related to employment.


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Murphy have realized these kinds of move, we collected some information about which university is newly establishing which major.


First, we would like to introduce prospects of Chemical Laboratory Technicianand Biotechnology Technician.

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology-related major is placed in Oshawa ON, in Durham college.

Bio-related major is placed in Kitchener ON, in Conestoga College.


Why did Murphy has selected these two colleges?

It is because job market in Ontario is

the largest and economic situations from colleges in Ontario are the most precise and fast.


If you are thinking about these majors and studying abroad in other regions,

do not hesitate to contact Murphy and we will consult you right away.


Since Murphy has checked the study progress of two colleges’ major, 

they are similar to Department of Pharmaceutical engineering and Biology in Korea.


In these majors math and statistics are necessary because student need to learn Biology, Chemistry(medicine) and analyze the data through investigation. 

Also, students have to write reports so subject for English writing is included as required subjects.




Specifically, industry related to food and agricultureis included as requirements because they are considered as future industry and popular worldwide.




There is an option to choose 3-year course for people who would like to study more after 2-year graduation and for people who is preparing transfer. 

For experienced people and specialist, it would be helpful to select the major which is opened as Graduate Diploma.


Normally, people will face turn-off after graduation - who will target the employment in Canada or in case of experienced people and specialists, 

they will target Korean or another countries’ employment using their upgraded knowledge and language skills.


Just like in Korea, people who would like to experience Canada more will get a job in universities’ or companies’ laboratories. 

They will take charge of progressing experiments, taking samples and record and organize related investigation data.


바이오테크니션 웨이지.JPG


화공 샐러리.JPG


Average initial salary seems to be 30,000-40,000 dollars and it increased based on the career. You can expect about 50,000-60,000 dollars 

if you have some work experience and plan to change the job or have negotiation with the salary.


Of course, hourly wage and salary might be different based on the companies and assigned duties. 


확오 잡.JPG



We could find the employment data easily in Ontario or Quebec companies since there are many companies and investigation agencies. 

We could also find constant demand in BC and Alberta. 


생물연구원 잡2.JPG

생물연구원 잡3.JPG


According to job posting, average hourly wage is 23-25 dollars. 

Each state government has different preference in industry and each company is investigating different subjects, 

but hourly wage and salary does not seem very different.


Murphy often research recruitment websites in order to identify Canadian job market and to convey some important facts to you.


Each state has different preference or has different needs in career, 

However, job related to food, agriculture and environment is increasing recently in updated job posting.


This kind of change proves that due to COVID-19, people are focusing on future lives-what to do to prevent and what is necessary in the future.


In case of Chemical Laboratory Technician and Biotechnology Technician, it is true that they are increasing and newly established, 

However, this does NOT mean these majors are lowering the standard of acceptance. 


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Since it is science and engineering related major students should have math, biology and 

chemistry background and even some college require completion of 2 subjects among biology, chemistry and physics.


If student who graduated Liberal Arts and interested in these majors should complete Pre-Science health or related course.


It is very helpful for Chemistry and Bio-related graduates who want to transfer to another university 

or study more in the area of medical science or health science. 

Therefore, people who is interested should check if I have fulfilled the requirements and if it really fit for me. 

We wish you improve your area of study and also language skills through studying abroad in Canada.




 People who is interested in Chemical Laboratory Technician or Biotechnology Technician 

and need more detailed admission consulting, please feel free to contact Murphy anywhere, anytime.


Studying abroad in Canada will be a foothold heading toward to the worldwide. 


Murphy promise we will introduce you various and strong foothold constantly.

Please stay tuned~!

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