[Study in Canada] Scholarship and Bursaries now available for international students.
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[Study in Canada] Scholarship and Bursaries now available for international students.

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Scholarship and Bursaries now available for international students.


Canada has the highest popularity rate for attracting international students, with great education system. In addition to the affordable tuition fees, the Canadian Government is planning to provide scholarship and bursaries to the international students, which was scarce in the past.

By providing the scholarship and bursaries, the Canadian government and the educational institutions are expecting to accept international students from diverse countries which will give both sides (the Canadian educational institution and the international students) to strengthen the linkages between the nations. The Canadian government is aiming to provide the scholarship expenses amount range from $10,200 to $12,700.


1. Eligibility


Although it is aimed for the international students, they must meet the criteria and eligibility, in order to become the candidate for receiving the scholarship.


 Eligible if  Not Eligible if
* Must be a citizen of valid country such as:
Asia: Bangladesh, Nepal, Taiwan
Europe: Turkey, Ukraine
Middle East/North Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Jorda, Morocco, Tunisia
Sub-Saharan Africa: Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda
** Should enroll full time at a post-secondary institution in an eligible country.
*** Should pay the tuition fee to the original institution at the time of application. 
* The Candidate applied for Canada citizenship or permanent residenct
** The Candidate applied for the scholarship program funded by the Government of Canada.
*** The Candidate is already enrolled in Canadian post-secondary institution


2. Scholarship expense


The scholarship expense will be provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Global Affairs Canada. The scholarship values will vary from undergraduate to graduates.The college, undergraduates, and graduates on program for 4 months will receive $10,200 and graduates on program for 5-6months will be receiving $12,700. The scholarship expense can be used in multiple occasions, such as applying for study and work permit, cost for plane ticket, health insurance, accommodation, transportation, and all sorts of school supplies.


We believe this would be a great opportunity for those who are seeking for a chance to study in Canada with a scholarship. So, anyone who is interested should check the eligibility criteria first and see if they can be the candidate.


Murphy is monitoring the most recent news and will update any important information.


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