[Canada immigration] French Speaker conquers the Express Entry!

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Recently, people who can speak French have a lot of advantage from immigration. It’s like Canada fall in love with the French speakers.


So, today Murphy wants to introduce Express Entry  for Canada immigration.


In the middle of time general draw score is mid-500 points, Canada immigration has drawn 7,000 French speakers with 365 points. 

Now, some people might think that they should apply for the Express Entry with French Speaker. 

But applying for the Express Entry with the French is not easier than our thoughts.


Of course, it is not easy, but we can try this with a French immigration program.

There is a case of French Language Proficiency-Express Entry that Murphy wants to introduce this case to  you.   



The meeting with Murphy’s client was  in 2021, when COVID-19 was outbroken in the world. 

The first meeting topic was client’s spouse's self-employed immigration counseling. 

At that time, Murphy and the client’s groom-to-be consulted to proceed with self-employed,  and the procedure was carried out first.



At the same time, the meticulous client knew the uncertainty of the consequences of self- employed, while discussing with Murphy whether it is possible to apply for permanent residency with her capacity, so she decided to proceed with two routes: her groom-to-be and her. 

At that time, it was still before marriage, so it was possible to have this dual-plan.


She was graduated from school in France, so regions that give preference to French speakers, she started preparing for the language by meticulously checking the qualifications for Express Entry, even she did her best to go to France to take the French test in the pandemic. 

It is no exaggeration to say that having a language score in advance led to permanent residency.



Murphy researched the way that she could receive the permanent residency without a job offer from Canada, 

in addition, there was only a program for French speakers, it was the HCP (Human Capital Priority) in Ontario. 

Furthermore, there was no signal that draw point is getting lower from 400 points at the French-Speaking Skilled Woker, 

moreover, it was not easy that people can speak French meet the requirement points, around 450 points. 

However, Murphy visited OINP website, check the score every day. 


Ironically, the latest HCP score to be drawn is very low. 

Ok, who knows the future? 




So, Murphy thought that the only option we have was very dangerous, so we researched every province website, 

and finally we found the second tagettable place....!!  it’s New Brunswick.

New Brunswick uses English and French as a common language in the province

so we thought that there is a program for the French speaker, 

thankfully, the province was drawing the French Speaker with the French-immigrants Category.


But, to apply for New Brunswick,  the applicant has to go on an on site of the New Brunswick province in advance

during that time, due to the pandemic, entering Canada was not easy. It drags their feet again!!! 

This category has resumed after COVID-19 and had been suspended for a while, 

but applicants, who have already French score over CLB5, but cannot register to Express Entry because of age or other reasons, could consider this program.



Also, New Brunswick requires little loosen requirements for the applicants than Ontario, 

so if you can speak in French or you are French Speaker does not hesitate to try it.      




Through Ontario, New Brunswick, toward the end of COVID, a new direction for Express Entry was announced

Eventually, in July 2023, the client received an ITA with the Federal Express Entry for her French and English grades.


Something in my Eyes!!!! I am not crying! no I am Crying!!!!!


But the biggest challenge was just the beginning.

Experience is very important to register for EE Pool through FSW(Professional manpower) condition

Since her job has been a French tutor, she taught students through personal lectures, so proving her self-employed career was the key.


Basically, experience for permanent residency in Canada is proved through income and tax reports, recommendations, etc, 

In particular, the core of Express Entry is the accurate NOC code verification and career verification documents according to the job.

If you usually work in the form of employee, you can get data from your employer and explain it, so there is no difficulty. 

In the case of this type of Self-Employed employment, you must demonstrate that you have worked in the field.

The Immigration Department is explaining their career, including confirmation from Third party, 

In other words, just by claiming that you have done something yourself means that you do not recognize your career.


People who is self-employed or freelancer have similar concerns, in the case of this customer, 

This client has prepared a huge amount of materials to support their careers, such as students' materials, recommendations, confirmations, textbooks, videos, etc. We should remember that she prepared the proofs three times more than the number of documents for general EE customers.


Thanks to the preparation, she recently received the permanent residency from Canada immigration and said to us with a lovely wedding picture with her spouse, who was her groom-to-be during the first consultation ^^




June 2023-Registered her profile on Express Entry program. 


July 12 2023-She was drawn with 375 points to the French Language Proficiency stated from July 2023. 


September 2023- including medical test, she submitted her entire documents. (Recently, applicants don’t have medical test as upfront.) 


October 2023- Completed Biometrics. 



January 2024-RFV issued (Requirement of permanent residency print)







 Starting with self-emplyed program, our "PR hunting journey" (or "PR war" lol) finished with Express Entry within only 7 Months.

She said "I am exhaustaed of application with self-emplyed, so please cancel that."


In addtion, the client wrote a review sincerely for Murphy as follows.


정윤주 리뷰.JPG


Canada immigration is not just for oneself.

Applicant should make their own way while preparing and reviewing for their applications .

And Murphy never let you alone on the way.