[Canada Immigration] Murphy's Monthly Report - AB, January 2024

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Each province in Canada has their own invitation system to regularly draw permanent residency following the economic situation.

Therefore, on the last day of every month, 

Murphy will arrange the invitation results of each province and upload the result by a table to watch easily.  

With Murphy’s arrangements, you can watch the trend of selected draw easily and compare scores of each targeted program which you will apply, in addition, we hope that you would predict the future immigration trend for your application.  




Although the pandemic is not totally relived, Alberta has been known to having faster immigration processing than other provinces. Therefore, the number of people preparing for the permanent residency in Alberta is increased.


There are two programs, AOS and ABEE that people usually are preparing for the AB province immigration. First AOS is generally the AB government immigration program that many people apply for immigration in accordance with the requirement after studying or getting a job. Following the guideline, people who are met the requirement can apply for the permanent residency, 

so permanent residency doesn’t be decided by program score or target.


In contrast, Alberta Express Entry have been drawing by the EE score, and recently as AB has drawn a job target like other provinces. 

So, Murphy guide you around ABEE for the monthly draw that you can see the Alberta’s immigration flow.


Of course, in the case of AOS, you can have a chance to prepare for your procedure through consultation with Murphy.


In the meantime, for ABEE,it is drawn with a score of 300 points, so people who have academic background, experience, and language proficiency have prepared a lot for ABEE.


However, since last year, ABEE has also been drawn as a target for job categories

Even if you have a score of 300 points, it has become difficult to expect to be drawn easily. 



Since last year, ABEE

Dedicated healthcare pathway, priority sector, family connection, and primary organization are drawn in three categories.

The three EE draws in January 2024 were not in the high score range of 300 points, 

but they were drawn twice in the healthcare field and in the priority sector in agriculture.


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First of all, only applicant who in the job category we’ve informed you can expect to be drawn following that 

Dedicated Healthcare Pathway is drawing applicant among medical and healthcare occupations.  

Physicians - College of Physicians and Surgeon of Alberta (CPSA)

Registered Nurses (RNs) - College of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CRNA)

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) - College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA)

Nurse Practitioners (NPs) - College of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CRNA)

Physician Assistants - College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA)

Occupational Therapist - Alberta College of Occupational Therapists (ACOT)

Physiotherapist - College of Physiotherapist of Alberta (CPA)

Clinical Social Worker - Alberta College of Social Workers (ACSW)

Psychologist - College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP)


In Priority sector, you can understand that the Alberta is giving you permanent residency priority 

to quickly receive the people AB needs.


So far, AB have been drawing Agricultural, Construction, Tourism and Hospitality jobs,As province industrial planning, 

and human resources, it is expected that there will continue to be changes in jobs that give priority. 


In the following Family connection and primary competition


it can be seen as benefiting applicants with family members living in Alberta, who are in-demand jobs.

Of the 3,900-applicant drawn for Alberta EE in 2023.


31% or 1,220 people were drawn in the Family Connection and Primary Occupation category, which shows that the Alberta government is trying to give a lot of priority to the Family Connection and Primary Occupation.

Next, 23% were drawn in the Priority Sector, and the remaining 45% were drawn in the Tech category

We can also confirm again that AB is rapidly recruiting necessary people through job targets.

However, in the case of Tech job targets, it is not proceeded with the score basis even if we proceed with the same Alberta EE.



Therefore, please note that applicants who are eligible for application are not included in the Alberta EE drawn score, Murphy posted today because permanent residency will be operated under the guidance of the Alberta government after application.

So, from this trend so far, we can predict that this year will also focus on demand competitions.

Meanwhile, the Alberta has informed people that applicants for the following jobs are being delayed. Therefore, those who are included in the table which shows job category that Murphy has informed you and plan to prepare for permanent residency.








With the start of this year, inquiries about immigration to Alberta have been skyrocketed.

However, unlike in the past, when immigration policies were announced, both the federal and province are transforming immigration regulations and draw conditions unexpectedly.


This can be seen as implementing policies to balance the population by region while pursuing regional development through faster draw of necessary skills.Also, the province has a plan to be flexible in dealing with sudden changes in immigration regulations while keeping track of policy trends, I think it is a standard of success for province immigration this year. 


In this trend, people with experience in certain jobs can expect good results if they apply 

for the permanent residency with Alberta EE.

Murphy will come back to you in the Alberta Immigration Report in February.


 -Immigration to Canada is Murphy, and Murphy means immigration to Canada. -