[Canada Immigration] Murphy's Monthly Report - AB, February 2024

등록일 : 2024-02-29 / 조회 : 671

Each province in Canada has their own invitation system to regularly draw permanent residency 

following the economic situation.

Therefore, on the last day of every month, 

Murphy will arrange the invitation results of each province and upload the result by a table to watch easily.  

 With Murphys arrangements, you can watch the trend of selected draw easily and compare scores of each targeted program which you will apply, in addition, we hope that you would predict the future immigration trend for your application.  




 Many people preparing for the province immigration to Alberta in February would be really confused and shocked 

because of the new announcement from immigration. 

Alberta had noticed that this province would take a new category on Feb. 13, 2023, 

but they said the AOS drawn has been temporarily stopped since Feb. 15, 2024. 




 It can be seen as a movement to accommodate necessary workers in earnest while resolving many piled up documents. 


 But, in this middle of confusion, Alberta has drawn the EE (Express Entry) twice.알버타 2월.png



This draw was the targeting occupation with around 300 points, 

but we should consider that the draw point of targeting occupation of construction was higher than other occupations.  


 Basically, in the health field, it is consistently drawn in the early-mid-300 points.

 However, in the case of other targets than the health field, the score trend is slightly different. 


 First, the point of agriculture which drawn at targeting occupation in January is higher than the score of health field as 312 points, 

which is about 10 points higher. 

Nevertheless, this point gap is not huge part compared to the average score of ABEE, 

so we could easily expect that applicants with required qualification can be drawn.


 But, this construction occupation is a high score given the ABEE score

so since last year, new occupation categories have been introduced such as agriculture, hospitality, construction,

 and for jobs that will be added in the future depending on the province's economic flows, 

you need to look at the progress of the selection score and prepare. 



Earlier, Alberta announced that it will have a new immigration program on March 1. 

It will be opened as Tourism and Hospitality Stream.

 Since the announcement of the stop processing, there has been no next update, you must be very confused. 

Looking at the trend of new stream launches since March, and we should keep an eye on the AOS in the future.

 Murphy is also quick to update you,

I will arrange the details through the March report.