[Canada Immigration] Murphy's Monthly Report - MB, January 2024

등록일 : 2024-01-31 / 조회 : 848

Each province in Canada has their own invitation system to regularly draw permanent residency following the economic situation.

Therefore, on the last day of every month, 

Murphy will arrange the invitation results of each province and upload the result by a table to watch easily.  

With Murphy’s arrangements, you can watch the trend of selected draw easily and compare scores of each targeted program which you will apply, in addition, we hope that you would predict the future immigration trend for your application.  




Two draws in Manitoba in January 2024.


Since the pandemic, Manitoba also has a lot of changes of draw of MPNP until a recent date. 

The huge change is that the draw score is over 700 points, so many people think that immigration to Manitoba is easier than other provinces. 

The reason of this situation is that Manitoba accepted many refugees, is needs to manage the number of immigrants.



It seemed that the start score, which had increased since last year, was returning to the average score to some extent, 


without any notification, the Manitoba also began drawing immigrants as job targets. 

As a result, applicants who waited a long time for selection with higher scores benefited, and they could see what Manitoba needed whom.



Following the trend last year, the score continued to draw targets for jobs with low scores and general draw with relatively higher scores,  and in November 2023, the draw was added as a new category, so people’s attention is on drawing to the direction of new draw in 2024.




The newly added category in November 2023 was ‘Close relational in Manitoba Selection’, and in the first draw in 2024,

  the category ‘Completed Post-Secondary Study in Manitoba’ was added, so the general score was 823 points, the highest ever.




Before selecting for a new category, In the case of ‘Skilled Worker Stream’, you can receive the invitation for general drawing and job target types, 

and also,the ‘International Education Stream’ was able to receive a personnel invitation, when you were eligible regardless of the draw score.


First, ‘Close relocation in Manitoba Selection’ refers to a significantly lower score point relative to the General Draw criteria 

if you have a relative living close to Manitoba among the Skilled Worker in MB stream applicants. 

Close relative means as followed table and you must be able to prove that you have been a resident of Manitoba for more than a year. 


-   sister or brother

- niece or nephew (i.e., child of your sister or brother)

-  aunt or uncle (i.e., brother or sister of your mother or father)

-     first cousin (i.e., child of your aunt or uncle)

-  mother or father

-     grandmother or grandfather



Next, the ‘Completed Post-Secondary Study in Manitoba’ can be a draw as a kind of general draw, 

 but it can be that 'I' or 'spouse' through weighting for their studies in Manitoba benefit from a lower draw score than the general draw score.



As a result, the 2024 new category has not been drawn since November 2023 until now,


but Manitoba's immigration draws in 2024 will continue to draw for solving the short-staff problems and its necessary,

 with the new categories to meet the need of general draw and job target draw.


It's been a lot of changes in Manitoba, and we're going to organize it next month
Murphy will guide you to get ready!