[Canada Immigration] Murphy's Monthly Report - ON, January 2024

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Each province in Canada has their own invitation system to regularly draw permanent residency following the economic situation.

Therefore, on the last day of every month, 

Murphy will arrange the invitation results of each province and upload the result by a table to watch easily.  

With Murphy’s arrangements, you can watch the trend of selected draw easily and compare scores of each targeted program which you will apply, in addition, we hope that you would predict the future immigration trend for your application.  

 easily and compare scores of each targeted program which you will apply, in addition, we hope that you would predict the future immigration trend for your application.   

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As starting the new year,2024, the fastest updating province is Ontario.

There was a total of five draws, along with an updated information that graduate certificate students can apply for OINP with International 

Stream on January 2nd. Like last year, this year’s draw also started with job target.



Like last year, this year’s draw also started with job target.

First of all, ‘Foreign Worker Stream’ was drawn in ‘Skilled Trade and Health and Tech jobs’ on January 9th. Each target job has a different draw score, so you need to check the job type and score included in the draws.



Foreign Worker stream’ does not have many requirements when you are calculating EOI scores, 

33 to 40 points are not very high, so some people may have taken the opportunity to draw. 

Last year's ‘Foreign Worker Stream ‘, there were 2 draws of job target and both of them were in the mid-to-late 30s and 40s.

Considering that the start of this year was similar, it will be helpful for those who expect the next draw to simulate it according to the score drawn in January.However, in the case of trade, there are many jobs that require a certificate to meet the conditions of experience and permanent residency application, so you must check the job type.



On the other hand, there are many people preparing for Tech job targets in Ontario.


Basically, you can get a high score in job offer, and you can get a higher wage which is compared to other occupations. So, it has the advantage of having expectations that can increase the possibility when calculating EOI scores. 


In the case of Korea,   bacuse of the recent increase in the age of working-holiday and the extension of the working-holiday period, the Tech experience I think there will be a slight increase in the number of people who want to challenge for permanent residency by drawing Ontario job targets.




Next, there was an Express Entry draw on January 11th and 18th in Ontario.

it is a proram  that is drawn based on the CRS score after registering in the two categories, FSW and CEC, which are registered ion the federal EE.

So there could be changes about age, the highest-level education, language, work experience in Canada or out Canada and spouse. But, in case of the Skilled Trade, applicants were drawn with lower score at federal EE, therefore, people, who already have English score and work experience met the requirement, should consider this program, and apply it!




Aside from the job target draw, one of the biggest changes in Ontario is the preferential draw of French people, this trend is seen not only

 the state but also in the federal and other province, giving French people permanent residency with low draw scores and wide draw of jobs. This is expected to proceed without any change this year.

Next, we think the most notable draw in this January will be the ‘Foreign Worker Stream-general’ draw, which was released on January 19. 

 The general draw, which was opened once in January last year, had a high draw score, and the next general draw was not made. 

 Due to the continued draw of job targets, many applicants who were not included in the job category must have had a hard time. In this situation, there was a general draw with good news, and the score was relatively easy, it was a 50 point.

 Therefore, with this draw, Murphy can hear information about the draw of people who have not included their jobs for a while.




The last draw in January was in master's and doctor's degree.  Last year, there was a draw of master's and doctor in January, and there have been seven draws. According to this immigration regulation, we keep monitoring and guide you whehter Ontario which will increase the number of master's and doctoral selections a little more for smooth international students' permanent residency opportunities or draw with similar frequency and score to last year.


 So far, we've introduced the results of the Ontario’s immigration draw in January.

 In 2024, the Ontario is expected to continue drawing job targets for both the International Stream and the Foreign Worker Stream. 

 It is also expected that those with good qualifications will be able to come up with more effective post-study immigration plans, Plus, students with graduate certificate degrees will also be able to apply for permanent residency on the International Stream.




Then, we will arrange it in February and continue uploading the immigration trend.

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